How is this happening?

From a young girl trying to make sense of our new reality.

Views of a Political Kid

It’s getting closer. Two days ago, White House press secretary Josh Earnest gave his final press briefing. Yesterday, President Obama gave his. Today, pictures are floating around of an awful digital billboard put up in front of the Lincoln Memorial as a display of support for the narcissistic fantasies of a silver spoon baby.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping as well. My eyes are dark and ringed, and I look like a hungover twenty year old at the ripe old age of 8.

The air feels different somehow. I have been struggling to find the words for what I am feeling. It’s harder to take a deep breath; harder to feel at ease. The thick air just doesn’t seem to offer me the same relief as before.

President Obama was inaugurated two weeks after I was born. For all intents and purposes, he is the only president I have ever…

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